Installing the USB Drivers

Windows XP and Windows Vista computers either do not install a driver automatically for the FrRemote Control system, or install a driver that does not work properly and needs to be updated to the driver I supply on the CD or on my website ( Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers appear to automatically install a working driver. However, you may still need to check the assigned COM port number as described in the last paragraph below.

Plug the USB receiver into any USB port on your computer. If the driver does not install automatically, the New Hardware Found wizard will open. Direct it to look for the best driver in a location you specify. Browse to the USBDrivers folder on the supplied CD (or the folder where you extracted the contents of the USB driver ZIP file that you downloaded), which contains all the drivers. The driver for your version of Windows will be automatically selected and installed.

Windows Vista may install a driver automatically, but it will need to be updated. Find the USB serial port under Ports (COM and LPT), and select Properties. Then click "Update Driver" under the Driver tab, and procede as you would for installing a new driver.

Once the USB driver is installed, the USB receiver will appear as a COM port on your computer. You may need to open the Windows Device Manager (right click My Computer, select Properties, and select the Device Manager tab, or (for Windows XP) click the Device Manager button under the Hardware Tab) and look at the entries under "Ports (COM and LPT)" to see what COM port number has been assigned. You are looking for the "USB serial port". It will probably be assigned to COM1 if you computer has no other COM port. Otherwise it may be COM2, COM3, or something else. When you install the RfRemote software you will need to assign the proper COM port number. Caution: if you later plug the USB receiver into a different USB port, it will probably be assigned a different COM port number. Make sure you always plug into the same USB port, otherwise you will need to change the COM port number in RfRemote.