Sue Curtis C3a Class

by Sue Curtis with guest appearances by Brian Hanechak and Guy Steele

This was a full C3a class taught by Sue Curtis. Week 6 was called by Brian Hanechak and week 7 was called by Guy Steele. I have 13 weeks of the class available (about the first half of the class). I hope to have the rest of the class available soon.
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Prices are $0.50/tip for MP3 format, or $10.00/cassette. I assume 8 tips will fit on each cassette tape. Shipping is FREE. Note that some older dances (mostly from some old cassette tapes I aquired) cost less than the above for MP3 format. These older dances may have somewhat less audio quality, and may include some incomplete tips, either cut short because the tape ran out while recording, or missing some calls at the beginning because the tape recorder did not get started in time. I cannot fix these types of errors. Nevertheless, these older dances contain interesting historical material. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to discount the cost of these dances when ordered on cassette tapes.

Formats available:

Recordings are available in MP3 format, or on cassette tapes. The usual delivery method for MP3 files is electronic download from my web site. I email you a link to a page where you can download a single ZIP file for your order. You then extract the ZIP file to get all your MP3s. I can also email MP3 files for very small orders, or mail the files on a CD. Please email me if you want MP3 files emailed or mailed on a CD.

Payment methods:

You may pay online using my shopping cart and secure 2checkout payment system with most major credit cards. You may also send me orders by email, and mail a check. I ship orders when you confirm that the check has been mailed. I also accept orders by mail. Simply tell me what dance(s) you want, and what format you would like (MP3 or cassette tape). Mp3 orders usually ship the next day. Cassette tape orders take longer to process. Send checks and snail mail orders to:

Keith Rubow
762 W. Bridwell St.
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Make checks payable to "Keith Rubow"

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